Choosing your sealer
May 24th, 2018

Concrete sealers can create a decorative “wet look” as well as protecting concrete for up to a decade from weather and erosion. This post will address the process of selecting the product that is right for your needs.

The first step in this process is selecting the type of sealer you’d prefer. The two main types are:

Surface sealers – Acrylic-based sealers give your concrete a “wet look” and prevent water from entering (and possibly causing erosion damage over time). This type of sealer usually lasts 1-3 years, depending on traffic and the type of sealer you choose.

The types of surface sealers we have available for sale:

ColorGuard – A glossy, breathable sealer that lasts 1-2 years with normal traffic and wear.

 - A high-gloss breathable sealer. Lasts 2-3 years with normal traffic and wear.

Penetrative sealers – Silicone-based sealers that fill the porous gaps that occur normally in concrete. It soaks into the concrete, leaving no noticeable difference on the surface. However, water beads up and rolls off, much like a freshly waxed car. Because this type does not sit on the surface, it can last over twenty years.

Our penetrative sealant:

Lifetime – A non-gloss, below surface sealer. This sealer lasts at least ten years. Below is a video, demonstrating this product’s capabilities:

Both sealers have distinct advantages, and it is possible to apply both. This does mean, however, that the application processes and maintenance for both types need to be carefully followed. Learn more about these products here.