Spring maintenance for sealed concrete
March 19th, 2018

It’s just about that time of year again, and doing just a bit of upkeep on your sealed concrete work can keep it looking beautiful and staying durable for much longer than concrete left to the elements. We’ll go through the simple process step-by-step for you below. You’ll need:

  • Enough Crystal Simple Green to clean the desired area. Contact us if you have questions about how much you’ll need.
  • A hose.
  • A stiff-bristle broom
  • a pressure washer

If possible, work in full shade. Hot concrete in direct sunlight will usually evaporate the cleaning agent before it’s allowed to soak properly. It’s best to do in the early morning or evening hours.

For properly cleaning concrete, we use Crystal Simple Green. This version of the product is more aggressive than other products in the Simple Green line, and does a great job of removing hard water spots and caked on grime that is common on concrete during the first months of Spring.

Dilute the Crystal Simple Green with water in a plastic sprayer. A ratio of ten parts water to one part CSG works best.

Wet the concrete before spraying the solution.

Once wet, apply the cleaning solution heavily. Let stand for fifteen minutes.

After soaking, scrub the concrete aggressively with the broom.

Finally, pressure wash the concrete. You’ll be impressed with the results.

Some final notes:

If the concrete has been previously sealed, the sealer has to be periodically reapplied in order to maintain its gloss and water resistance.

If you have used our GolorGuard sealer, we recommend a reseal every 12 to 24 months, depending on traffic.

UltraSeal, our premium sealer, has a bit more resistance. We recommend a reseal process every 2-3 years.

Resealing after a Spring cleaning is usually best. Allow the concrete to dry fully before applying, and simply use a paint roller and roll on a light coat of the same sealer you used previously. Be sure not to leave behind any puddles, keeping the coat light but well-covered.

Following these tips will keep your concrete looking great for years to come.